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Thank you to everyone who came to Mercury @ Machinewerks's Back to the Monastery event.

-DJ Major Tom

Num.   |  Title   |  Artist   |  Release
1  |  Furioso   |  Paul Schwartz   |  Metamorphosis
2  |  Fundamentum   |  Lesiëm   |  Mystic Spirit Voices (2002)
3  |  Flowers Become Screens   |  Delerium   |  Semantic Spaces
4  |  Black Celebration   |  Depeche Mode   |  Left Of The Dial: Dispatches From The '80s Underground [Disc 1]
5  |  Ameno [Remix]   |  Era   |  Era
6  |  Red Right Hand   |  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds   |  The Best Of (Disc 1)
7  |  Mea Culpa   |  Enigma   |  Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits
8  |  The Union   |  Silke Bischoff   |  To Protect and to Serve
9  |  Come Undone (Edit)   |  Duran Duran   |  Greatest
10  |  Dead Heaven   |  Gary Numan   |  Exile [Bonus Track]
11  |  Wreath of Barbs (LP Version)   |  :Wumpscut:   |  Wreath Of Barbs
12  |  That Smiling Face   |  Camouflage   |  Voices And Images
13  |  The Lovecats   |  The Cure   |  Greatest Hits
*14  |  It's A Sin   |  Pet Shop Boys   |  Discography: The Complete Singles Collection
*15  |  Shimmering, Warm & Bright   |  Bel Canto   |  Shimmering, warm and bright
*16  |  Meddle   |  Little Boots   |  Hands
17  |  Bella Stella (New Version)   |  Highland   |  Dimmi Perché
18  |  #1 Crush   |  Garbage   |  Romeo + Juliet
19  |  Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (Album Version) [Explicit]   |  Revolting Cocks   |  Linger Ficken' Good...And Other Barnyard Oddities [Explicit]
20  |  Lose in Wanting   |  Iris   |  Disconnect
21  |  Anarchy   |  Kmfdm   |  Symbols
*22  |  Hallucination Generation   |  The Gruesome Twosome   |  Candy From Strangers
23  |  Principles Of Lust   |  Enigma   |  Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits
24  |  Imagination   |  Xymox   |  Twist Of Shadows
25  |  What Else Is There?   |  Röyksopp   |  The Understanding
26  |  The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum   |  Collide   |  Vortex
27  |  Happy Birthday 'to the Birthday Girl' (Genderized)   |  Ingrid Dumosch   |  Happy Birthday to a Special Girl
28  |  Smothered Hope   |  Skinny Puppy   |  The Singles Collect
29  |  This S'it Will Fcuk You Up (LP Version) [Explicit]   |  Combichrist   |  Everybody Hates You [Explicit]
30  |  Stripper (2001 Digital Remaster)   |  Lords Of Acid   |  Farstucker
31  |  Uprising/Doctorin' The Tardis (DJ Major Tom Mashup)   |  Muse / Timelords  | 
32  |  Exterminate Annihilate Destroy [Reclubbed]   |  Rotersand   |  Advanced Electronics Vol. 4
33  |  Spiders   |  Ashbury Heights   |  Morningstar In A Black Car
*34  |  Mad World (American Idol Studio Version)   |  Adam Lambert   |  Mad World (American Idol Studio Version) - Single
35  |  Cry Little Sister   |  I Will Never Be The Same   |  Standby [Explicit]
36  |  Goodbye Horses (featuring Q Lazzarus) Full Original Version   |  Garvey   |  Goodbye Horses - The Garvey Remixes
37  |  The Politics Of Dancing (Hot Tracks Mix)  |  Re-Flex   |  Hot Tracks The Edge Level 1
38  |  Cities In Dust (Hot Tracks Mix)  |  Siouxsie & The Banshees   |  Hot Tracks The Edge Level 1
39  |  Join The Chant   |  Nitzer Ebb   |  Goth Industrial Club Anthems
40  |  Starsign   |  Apoptygma Berzerk   |  Welcome To Earth
41  |  Headhunter/Oh Yeah (DJ Major Tom Mashup)  |  Front 242/Yello  | 
42  |  Military Fashion Show   |  And One   |  Bodypop
*43  |  Lay All Your Love On Me   |  Erasure   |  ABBA-esque
44  |  Dancing Queen   |  ABBA   |  Gold
45  |  Thriller   |  Michael Jackson   |  HIStory: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 [Disc 1]
46  |  Another World   |  Beborn Beton   |  Truth
47  |  Le Disko [Explicit]   |  Shiny Toy Guns   |  We Are Pilots [Explicit]
48  |  Destroy Everything You Touch   |  Ladytron   |  Witching Hour
49  |  Bad Romance   |  Lady Gaga   |  The Fame Monster
50  |  Du Hast   |  Rammstein   |  Sehnsucht [Australia]
51  |  Shelter (LP Version)   |  Icon Of Coil   |  Machines Are Us
52  |  So What   |  Ministry   |  Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box [Disc 3]
*53  |  Chrome (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)   |  VNV Nation   |  Reformation 01
54  |  Winter Born (This Sacrifice)   |  The Cruxshadows   |  Frozen Embers
55  |  Cuts You Up   |  Peter Murphy   |  A Life Less Lived: The Gothic
56  |  In The Navy   |  The Village People   |  The Very Best Of The Village People
57  |  Y.M.C.A.   |  Village People, The   |  100% Disco

Thank You for an Incredible Mercury New Years
A big thanks to everyone who spent NYE with us at the Mercury and The Secret Agent's Ball.

What an amazing night! I want to thank all of you for coming out in record numbers to celebrate your NYE. I hope we provided you a special NYE to remember! Your outfits were incredible, sleek and sexy! I promised you would dance and the dance floor sure looked like you were all happy dancing the night away with your friends and it was great to have everyone countdown to the new year. The annual membership drive was also successful, so there will be many new faces in the club and they seemed to really embrace the club and the music. All in all, a great time was had by all!

I want to personally thank so many who helped to make the night a success....

To: my sweetie, Judy, who not only organized and created all of the decor for the night to have the feeling of a Casino Royale, from the wall hangings to all of the party favors, but whose support of my endeavors is never wavering. Thank you for always bringing your essence to create a beautiful night for everyone.

To: DJ Hana Solo and DJ Black Maru...thank you for your support and bringing your incredible dj talents to the booth, it was such a pleasure.

To: The Mercury volunteer staff, Gary, Jeri, Chris, Ali, Seth, Dija and several more volunteers who gave up their own NYE night to greet you, serve the famous merc drinks and clean up...all of you rocked!

To: Graves- for the great Merc pictures you provided to me to create the year in review video clips. It was truly a walk down memory lane as we have all come to so many of the special events and I especially loved hearing the laughter as people were remembering when that picture was taken.

To: Andrianna, Josie and Jolene for helping to roll a million pieces of tape for all of the posters and wall coverings that created the secret agent theme and for help with the take down helped keep Judy sane and intact for the evening!

To Perannoyed for the terrific spy silhouettes.

To: All of the Mercury members who continue to support our club. We are so lucky to have the Merc

Tonight!!! Moulin Rouge
Tonight! Kick-off your three day holiday weekend in burlesque style. Yes you can can when Le Merc becomes Le Moulin Rouge.
Join us as we transform the Mercury into a French style cafe/nightclub...Le Moulin Rouge!

Food, Prizes, Contests, Music, Dress-up (If you want to), Dancing, Cool Air, Decorations, and all of the stuff I cannot remember right now.

Come dressed as a can can dancer or courtesan, actor or knave, or lady or gentleman...or just be yourself. There will be door prizes and tasty treats. The best adorned guy and gal will win fabulous cash. We'll show two different Moulin Rouge movies, feature music from the Nicole Kidman/Ewan McGregor movie and play lots of goth, alternative, industrial and eighties dance favorites.

Friday is a holiday so get ready to lift your knees and kick-up your heels. It's certain to be one of 2008's memorable scene nights.

Don't forget, Le Moulin Rouge is air conditioned and the side door will be open.

Moulin Rouge Opens at 9:00 PM. Le Merc Members $5, Guests $6.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge


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